A little bit about me and my photography

About me

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t taking photos. From a young age, I was always interested in photography, when I was younger I was captivated by the idea of taking nice-looking photos for people to enjoy. This all changed when I began to study photography at college, this is where my focus changed from just taking nice-looking images to creating images that had a story and concept behind them.

Personally, I believe that everyone can take a nice looking image that can have 1000s of likes on Instagram, but the difference between a nice image and a “wow” image is the concept and personality behind it. For me, photography is a way of expressing myself in a way that words can’t express and this idea is the driving force behind my devotion to the art of photography. This devotion is the reason why I left my job at a nice paying studio, to create something different. And that is the studio you see today. 

My photographic process

My photographic process is something I have focused on throughout my career in the industry. Planning is at the core of my workflow, before any shots are taken I create mind maps and sketches of all the images I’m going to create. This not only speeds up my process but allows you the client a visual where we can discuss and change any plans if needed. All the pre planning means that when you get the final photo it’s exactly how you imagined.

What I can do for you

Deciding what you want is always hard when it comes to photography, especially if it’s not something you have put a lot of thought into. Sure knowing exactly what you want and how an image is going to look is always a bonus for me as a photographer. But it’s not essential, one of the joys of photography for me is taking a concept and creating an image that best represents it. This means that if you come to me for your photography we can sit down, look at your brand and or product and work together to create images that have that “wow” factor but also tell the viewer about your brand.